2 dentists – 1 set of lab results – 2 opinions

I hate everybody.

Here’s the story:
In my search for things that might heal or at least help me feel better, I started thinking about my teeth a little while ago. That has always been a weak point for me, I have quite a collection of fillings, root canals etc. in my mouth. So, a few weeks ago I went to a new dentist, who specializes in sensitivities to materials and a holistic approach to dentistry. He ordered a bunch of lab tests (blood, saliva… don’t ask) and the results were quite spectacular: I am apparently allergic/sensitive to absolutely every filling material I have in my mouth. Which, in a way, was good news because there is a lot of potential for me to feel better once we take all the stuff out. One would think.
Well. Today I went to another dentist because I wanted a second opinion before doing something drastic like literally pulling a tooth (root canal, partial crown and everything) and replacing six fillings. And this dentist looked at the same lab results and said he wouldn’t do anything. According to him the lab results only showed potential for an allergic reaction but I didn’t have any of the typical symptoms. So while it was important to consider the lab results for future fillings, there was no reason to believe that any of my existing fillings were giving me any trouble.
Both dentists seemed reasonable and knowledgeable and made perfect sense when they were explaining their points. How can this be? I hate everybody.

This is part of a bigger problem though: There seems to be no objectivity, no clear right or wrong on this path I’m on. Just a bunch of opinions and at the end of the day I have to make a decision and live with it.

I’m leaning towards dentist 1. My feeling is that I have stuff in my mouth that is not good for me and needs to be taken out. The thing is though… I’m not sure if that’s really my gut feeling or just the fact that doing something feels better than doing nothing.

This really sucks.

I will keep you posted.


(originally written Oct 7th 2013)

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