Doing something feels better than doing nothing

Last week was rough.

I thought a lot about the two conflicting opinions regarding my dental situation.

And had an argument with a “friend” on Facebook about evidence-based medical information. It was upsetting and I don’t want to talk about it… Except apparently I do, so here we go:
This person (I think they work in medical research) pointed out that there was no evidence to suggest a link between dental work and ALS. Well. First of all I think it’s important to be realistic about this so-called scientific evidence: Just because there is no EVIDENCE that something could be helpful doesn’t mean that there is no POSSIBILITY that something could be helpful. It just means there is no evidence: maybe there haven’t been any studies or science just cannot explain a particular  phenomenon yet.
And I knew that there is no known link between dental work and ALS because there is no evidence suggesting anything helpful for ALS. So what am I supposed to do? Wait for evidence-based medical information? Uhm, no. I choose to explore and actively look for things (anything really!) that can help me, make me feel better. And I’m not focused on ALS related stuff only. I’m really on a huge self-improvement trip and that’s why it’s quite interesting (when it’s not shit…)
So. In this case I decided to go with dentist 1. This is a guy, who not only has over 20 years experience in dentistry but also homeopathy. Someone who thinks outside the box and tries things out. His lab tests determined that I was most allergic/sensitive to palladium which gets mixed with gold to be made into gold crowns. I have one tooth with a partial gold crown and that tooth had to be pulled. Extracted. I know that pulling a tooth seems like a pretty drastic thing to do when there’s no guarantee that it will help. But this tooth was all the way in the back and it was dead anyway (root canal and partial crown), so I figured, what the hell and had it pulled on Thursday.
Parting with a tooth is a weird experience, very unpleasant. The tooth came out okay, in one piece and everything went about as well as can be expected. But it’s sore and I’m not feeling that great. But I think this was the right thing to do. We’ll see.
My synthetic fillings are next, they have to be replaced. And then we will get to the mercury fillings. Have I mentioned that I am so terribly scared of the dentist… Sigh.

PS: The dental surgeon who pulled my tooth told me that after an extraction in the upper jaw about 10% of patients develop a hole to the maxillary sinus and then they are not not allowed to blow their nose for about two weeks. So guess what…
Just kidding, I’m part of the other 90%, I can blow my nose as much as I want.

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