No grateful picture for yesterday, I’m afraid.
Instead another chapter out of “I can’t believe this is happening”.
Something I forgot to mention: I’ve been getting these full body spasms. At night, when I’ve been lying in the same position for a while, I wake up and then either the whole front of my body or the whole back of my body contracts. Only for a couple of seconds but that pulls on my SI joint and it’s extremely painful. And I think that’s the reason why three months after the fall my SI joint pain is worse than ever. And I can’t handle it anymore. So I went to my neurologist on Wednesday and asked him for stronger pain medication. He prescribed a stronger version of ibuprofen and for nighttime some sort of opium-based painkiller/relaxer. By no means the strongest medication out there, but apparently too strong for me. At first I thought it worked great, I was so relaxed, it kind of freaked me out. But… I didn’t sleep well at all, I kept waking up with cold sweat and a dry mouth. And on Thursday morning I totally collapsed: I felt nauseous and dizzy and it was horrible (Germans: Ich hatte Kreislauf.) I spent the whole day with a horrible hangover (minus the party): eating crackers, drinking water and feeling like hell. Around 6 PM I was able to get up and have some soup.
So, I guess that medication doesn’t work for me. I’ll take the spasms for now.
But… Grateful for my parents who came over to take care of me.

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