The end of my dental adventure and… a fall

Week 24 of this blog
Week 117 of this situation
Weight: 50,5 kg / 111 lbs.
Last fall: 2 days ago (fuck shit fuck)

Let’s talk about the fall first. I’m okay. Didn’t hurt myself too badly. I’m just upset and annoyed that it happened at all. I was doing so well: hadn’t fallen in 8 weeks, had stopped taking ibuprofen, had survived the dental work and a stomach flu, and just as I thought things were looking up… This disease sucks. The biggest struggle after a fall is to not lose my positive attitude and momentum. But I think I’m doing okay. Want to hear about my post-fall-routine? (If not, just skip this next paragraph.):
First, I stay where I am, on the floor, and breathe and relax and calm down. However long it takes. Then I get up… however long that takes! On Friday (which is when this last fall happened) it took pretty long because I had to scoot over to the couch where I could gracefully (not!) pull myself up. Then I take Bach Rescue Remedy to soften the emotional impact of the fall. This was easier said than done on Friday because the bottle was closed really tight and I couldn’t open it. So I skipped to the next step, which is taking Arnica to soften the physical impact of the fall. I felt like I really needed the Rescue Remedy though because I was upset and it was evening and I needed to calm down to be able to sleep. So I went looking for my pipe wrench, which for some reason wasn’t lying around in the kitchen anymore but had made its way back to the toolbox, the very bottom of the toolbox (in case you can’t tell, I was having a great time…). I found it eventually and managed to open the Bach Rescue Remedy – yay! Oh, and I also took a few drops. Didn’t sleep very well though (even by my standards…). Overnight the soreness set in and I was really uncomfortable. No new paint spots though, just a general intensifying of pain… my spine and especially my neck is a mess – thank God I have an osteopath appointment tomorrow!
Other than that I had a pretty calm (= good) week. I had my last dentist appointment for the moment: removal of my last mercury filling. I’m so relieved. I find going to the dentist a very particular kind of awful. I get scared. I absolutely can’t handle that kind of pain. Unfortunately I also don’t handle the anaesthetic very well. The whole thing just exhausts me. So, I’m glad it’s over – for now. And I think this was an important step for removing toxins from my body.
Nothing new on The Healing Code front. I still haven’t finished the book and started using the code… but I’m still determined to do it and tell you all about it.

Random gratitude:
Ibuprofen. I’m glad I was finally able to stop taking it. And I’m equally glad I was able to take it again after my fall. This weekend could’ve been a lot worse!
Friends who don’t give up on me and keep calling and e-mailing although I may not respond for… weeks. Thank you!

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