A good day

Today was a good day. So I wanted to write about it really quickly before something happens that gets me down.
Today was a good day. Not surprisingly, this had nothing to do with what I did but rather how I felt. Calm. Peaceful. Like I’m in the right place. And I’m so grateful for the people in my life (in no particular order): the amazing health practitioners who work with me, my family and my friends.
And now I’m going to bed, at 11 PM, not bad at all. I’ve had my good-night-tea, I will take my herbal Calmvalera drops, put some lavender on my pillow and turn off all the electronics in my room. Good night!
Health, happiness and love!

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  1. Wonderful! We must celebrate those ‘good days’ – and I feel this good day is perhaps connected to your very moving last post and your realisation and acceptance of your situation? Either way, more power to you! Kaite x

    • Thank you, Kaite! I had to think about this for a moment, and I think both my previous post and my good day are sort of indicative of the process I’m going through right now. Finally diving deeper into myself, if that makes sense. And when I say “deeper”, I suspect I’m not very deep yet. There are layers and layers yet to go and that’s great! Hopefully this will bring me more peace and good days. Anja


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