What a difference a doc makes, Part 2

A few weeks ago my Ayurveda doctor came to Berlin. Which was wonderful because I really wanted to talk to him and this way I didn’t have to go to Nuremberg (or India!).

I had been getting frustrated and stressed about taking the Ayurveda medication six times a day. This is apparently not uncommon for European patients. He explained that typically Indian patients would take their medication more or less when they were supposed to but mainly when it suits them and fits into their daily routine. European patients on the other hand often set alarms (I did.) and that can become stressful (Yes!) and feel like the medication is controlling your life (Exactly!). So his advice was to be less European, get rid of the alarm and play it more by ear. Oh… Oh no…  I am apparently very European (German and structure-needing!), so this suggestion really made me nervous. It took me about a week to switch off all six alarms. But I did eventually and I’m much happier for it.
The other thing that makes my life a lot easier is that I’m allowed to put the patchouly-incense-tasting powder (that turns to slime in my mouth) into capsules. Well, I can’t do it myself, so shout-out to my dad who does it for me – thanks dad! And while I am acknowledging parents… I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my mom (who always says she can’t cook) has been cooking the most delicious Ayurvedic food for me. Thanks mom!

My Ayurvedic doctor was really strict about one thing though: I have to sleep more and specifically go to bed earlier. I had been going to bed around midnight… And really I should be in bed by 10pm. At the latest. We talked about creating a bedtime ritual to help me fall asleep. But I realized afterwards that I already have a ritual: going to bed IS my ritual! The normal going to bed stuff (going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, closing the curtains, taking my clothes off…) that would take a healthy person maybe 15 to 20 minutes, takes me an hour. So, that’s my ritual. And just before turning off the light I do a short 3-minute Kundalini yoga meditation, which takes me… 3 minutes!
At first I thought it would be impossible but by now lights out at 10pm has become normal for me. The fact that spasticity and pain don’t allow me an uninterrupted night’s sleep is a different story…

But the main thing was that the appointment in general was encouraging and reassuring. I feel like I may finally be on the right path. The disease has been progressing despite the Ayurveda medication but maybe progressing a little slower… I’m not entirely sure, it’s so hard to tell. But I feel better in general, more stable. So, here’s hoping!

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