Still here… and catching up

A little over a year ago I suddenly found it too hard to write my blog. I did however write some lengthy facebook that really could have (maybe should have) been blog posts. And it just occurred to me that there may be people who are not connected to me on facebook, who read my blog… So I am going to copy and paste this past year’s facebook posts to catch you up and then I want to write again, now using my “eye thingy”, my computer eye operating system.

October 27th, 2015:
I’ve had it with this ALS+ bullshit! I.e. having ALS + some other nasty thing. Like digestive issues. Want details? If not, skip the next sentence. I’m ridiculously bloated, farting up a storm, and have occasional explosive diarrhea. Fun. And this has been going on for weeks. My blood work and stool samples were fine (something else I’ve had it with: oh-so-good test results when I’m not feeling oh-so-good). So I went to the hospital last Friday for an ultrasound. But the doctor couldn’t see anything because there was so much air in my belly. So he said: “Well, at some point ALS affects the internal organs.” Which is not true, so don’t worry. I guess he was just frustrated and wanted to say something. (I’ve also had it with doctors like that.) He also sent me for a CT scan. For this they had to inject a contrast agent and… it took a doctor and two nurses seven attempts to find a vein. That’s right, they poked me with needles in seven different spots until they finally found a vein in my foot. Ouch. (And I’ve had it with… oh, you know.) But the good news is, the CT scan was clear. But… I still have digestive issues. And ALS. And I’ve had it.

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