November 15th, 2015: Good news. And bad news. (reposted from Facebook)

Starting with the good news: last Tuesday I had another lung check up with the Professor. My lung volume has decreased a little but my body is compensating well and the Professor was quite happy.
So Tuesday was a good day until in the evening… I got a toothache. It appears to be one of those times when I can’t get a break. After a horrible night I went to the dentist and… I have to have a tooth pulled. It’s the second to last tooth on the upper right hand side and it has an old crown which for some reason wasn’t treated two years ago when I had my “big mouth renovation”. And now there’s an inflammation and it hurts and it could theoretically be treated with a root canal but then the tooth would be dead and one shouldn’t leave a dead tooth in the mouth of an ALS patient. Plus, I wouldn’t really prefer a root canal. Pull the sucker!

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