November 22nd, 2015: The tooth, part 2 (reposted from Facebook)

I can’t believe how easy breezy this tooth-pulling-business was! Not like pulling teeth at all.

Here’s why:
My fishing for reassurance on Facebook really worked. Thank you to everyone who commented! It put me in a mood of “I’m doing the right thing. It’s gonna be ok. Let the tooth go.” And I meditated on that – a lot.
And the tooth had a partial crown but no root canal, and it was dead. It had died all by itself. So my doctor pointed out that technically the tooth had left me. I was the dumpee!
My doctor also gave me some great advice which I want to share with you all, in case you ever have to have a tooth pulled: take ibuprofen BEFORE! I took 600mg about an hour before my appointment and then again about five hours later. My doctor explained to me that by taking ibuprofen before one can avoid inflammation and swelling altogether. And what can I say… It worked!
And last but not least: the oral surgeon did a stellar job! He had to separate the tooth into four parts because the roots were sticking out at weird angles. And he did and pulled the four pieces out and cleaned out the inflammation underneath and then used some sort of glue instead of stitches. And the whole thing took less than 30 minutes! Amazing!
And afterwards: very little swelling, very little pain. But I took ibuprofen anyway, you never know…
And I really needed this, I needed something to go better than expected. Super-grateful!

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