August 25th 2016: Some days it is just too much. Like today. (reposted from Facebook)

When I recently mentioned “feeling weak and nauseous”, that was a bit of an understatement… I have had almost daily diarrhea for a few weeks now, and since last week the occasional stomachache and nausea on top of it. Two stool samples came back normal and my bloodwork was excellent, from an internal medicine point of view I am perfectly healthy. Technically this is good news but… not very helpful at the moment. I am literally sick of this shit.
And since my amazing night with 7 (seven!) hours of sleep, I have had a bunch of shitty nights. I sleep mostly in my beloved comfy recliner and lately my heels have been getting sore. We put extra padding on the foot-rest and that worked for a while but not anymore. So now we have to experiment with all kinds of extra padding and supporting my body here and there to take weight off of the heels… and it depresses me. It further limits my ability to move and get comfortable. And… I just want to sleep!
And on days like this, the two things that make me sad, make me really sad: my poor shoulders which are skin and bones (Honor your rotator cuff and deltoid! And if you could do a few arm exercises or handstands for me, that would be great.) and my poor tongue.
It has been almost 5 years and I think I have been a good sport… Can I please not have ALS anymore?

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