September 17th 2016: Happy thoughts (reposted from facebook)

So… I have ALS and a lot of things suck a lot of the time. But not all the time!
Things that make me happy:
* Spending time with my parents. This can be a little difficult because we spend A LOT of time together these days… But they are awesome and so funny and I really enjoy that.
* My guinea pigs, Flauschi and Anton (the new guy). Sometimes I think they do it on purpose, like “I am just going to hang out here where Anja can see me and be extra-cute.”
* Sleep. I still sleep really well, like several hours in a row, and it is amazing. And I actually look forward to going to sleep now.
* Getting whatsapp messages from Jo. Thank you!
* Random good music on the radio. Highlight of today: the Faith No More version of Easy
* Reading about my friends” endeavours, baby bumps, kids… on facebook
* Walking. I walk with support from my dad and every now and again I manage to place my pelvis just so and actually stand on my legs with very little need for support and it feels wonderful.
* Visits from friends. I often worry about being too exhausted and no fun and it all being too emotional but… that is really silly, visits from friends make me happy, so… here I am begging for more visitors!

And on September 18th I added:
And… one more thing that makes me happy: 51kg! Finally. I had been stuck at 49.5 for weeks. Many many weeks. And today, all of a sudden, 51kg. I want to gain a little more but I am really happy for now because weighing less than 50kg is just absurd. Yay!

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