Happy birthday to me!

So… it was my birthday. And birthdays have been weird since my diagnosis. Actually, the whole Christmas-New year’s-birthday-package has been weird. The thing is, I was diagnosed December 23rd. 5 years ago. And ever since, this time has been all about how long it’s been. And how things have gotten worse. Not exactly a birthday sort of feeling. I’ve been wondering if that’s just because of the timing of my diagnosis or if that always happens with serious health situations. Anyway, that’s what it’s like for me. And this year, not surprisingly, quite a few things had gotten worse, especially walking and talking. And my neck. Actually all my back extensors have gotten weaker, so gravity is increasingly a problem. And I’m worried about my next birthday, wondering what it’s going to be like. And whether I will… you know, be alive for it. Well, only one way to find out. And I’m afraid it requires one year of patience. We’ll see.
But I have my family. And friends. And facebook friends. Who all made my birthday special. Well, really, they made it normal, and in these not-so-normal times that’s really special. Thank you!