A few things

OK, so just this once I am going to go there and talk about a few things I really miss being able to do. In no particular order.

Spontaneously shaking my booty and doing a quirky little dance when a good song comes on (on the radio, in my head…)

Going to the bathroom. By myself. Closing the door behind me. (Ideally the thought of being in the bathroom by myself with the door closed would not cause a panic attack like it does now.)

Brushing my teeth. Nobody does it right. Well, my dentist is quite happy with the cleanliness of my teeth, so I guess they do ok… But I hate having other people brush my teeth. Try it, it is horrible.

Saying something really quickly. This is kind of a double-edged sword. Ever since speaking has become so difficult, that I have to think about and plan what I want to say, I have not regretted much I have said. But I have regretted, numerous times, not being able to say something quickly, like when I am the only one who sees the greasy drop that is about to drip on… nevermind, or when something hurts or itches, or when the nurse talks back (which would not be so bad if I could talk back and we could just go back and forth a little and I could have the last word at least sometimes…)

Lying on my stomach.

Scratching my itches.

Laughing or crying really hard without triggering spasticity and trouble breathing (I know I said in no particular order but this last one is probably the big one).

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  1. Mike Fenstermaker

     /  February 23, 2017

    I will say this to you, but I guess many others feel the same…
    I miss YOU first and foremost!!! I also miss you not being able to do the things you’ve mentioned! The last one is the big one for me, too. Because laughing is infectious, especially with you! And, laughing until you cry is always the best! The other thing I remember that made you smile was Pilates!
    It absolutely sucks that you have had to deal with this “little situation”, but I don’t think I know anyone who could have dealt with it in the way you have (myself included)! Thank you for the life lessons! You are truly a beautiful soul❣


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