It may not be fine cuisine but it’s this potato-green bean-tomato-egg-dish my mom makes, that I LOVE. I think, the recipe is from a magazine… Anyway, I felt really nauseous yesterday and couldn’t eat much but today I had THIS. Yum!



It’s not my birthday anymore but I love my new artwork. Makes me happy every time I look up from the computer.




Happy birthday, mom!



I love my cashmere poncho. And my friend Steffi who gave it to me.



Leftover cake. Oh yeah.

#16 + #17

I guess the idea of 365grateful is to post one picture every day of something you’re grateful for. I was wondering if it’s allowed to go a day or two without posting a picture and then post several pictures on a different day… But then I realized: it’s my project, I can do whatever I want.
So here are two more pictures from today, for a total of four. In other words, today was spectacular.


My birthday party-Kaffeekränzchen. Wonderful people and a lot of cake.


My dishwasher.

#14 + #15

Had a horrible night, but I woke up to this (#14):


And this (#15):


Which is really two things: My friend Mercedes started a Facebook group called “We love Anja Schuhmann so much because” and my friend Julia posted this beautiful reminder.



My dad made this for me. It’s a little meditation stool. Very comfortable. And it’s collapsible!
And I just rediscovered it for my meditation practice.



Grateful for my two new cool-looking inlays.
And grateful that the inlay that came out and had to be re-glued, was on the tooth with a root canal, so I didn’t feel anything. Super grateful for that.



Happy birthday to me!